The business world is undergoing profound changes, and entrepreneurship is increasingly important. The ISC Paris Group’s academic incubator supports entrepreneurship by giving entrepreneurs a safe and encouraging place to work on their projects.

The strengths of the ISC Paris Academic Incubator

Complete and customized support

Every entrepreneur has to deal with key issues such as writing a business plan, making financial forecasts or choosing a legal structure. To make the right choices, budding entrepreneurs need advice and support. Entrepreneurs also have to overcome doubt, uncertainty, and setbacks–frequent occurrences throughout the process.

The ISC Paris incubator puts people first and business plans second. Becoming an entrepreneur is an ongoing learning process–it involves lots of meetings, informed opinions, targeted responses, and many hours of work.
The incubator offers a variety of tools to guide, assist, and support entrepreneurs: mentorship with experienced volunteer mentors, and coaching for creating a business plan.

Conditions for accessing the incubator

The incubator is available to all ISC Paris Group students and graduates.
Selection is done throughout the year, based on an application and an interview with a jury.
Places may be awarded to entrepreneurs from the school’s partner educational institutions or businesses.

The incubator’s added value

    Yearly average of 30 projects supported
    Each business creates or maintains an average of five jobs
    82% are still active, three years later
    18% return to a salaried job after their educational program
    All business sectors are represented

Incubator graduates

Meet ISC Paris entrepreneurs who created impactful businesses and meaningful careers.

    Charles-Hugo Dissard and Julia Mbengue : Juch, environmentally responsible shoes.
    Matthieu Jeanne-Beylot : Mutum, a platform for loaning items for free from individual to individual.
    Yannick-Ange Mbengue and David Gourdet : Wast, an eco-friendly and socially responsible laundry and dry-cleaning service with home pickup.
    Chadi Srour : Thuillier, the continuation of a historic French shirt tailoring company.
    Benjamin Laporte : InovDom, fostering independence for the elderly and handicapped.
    Nicolas Morschl : Bonsoirs, a line of high-end bed linens, made in France.
    Florian Rabeau : Kalain, a creator of custom scents, to keep the memory of a loved one alive.
    Simon Collot : Oser, an improvisational theater group that fosters self-confidence in a supportive environment.
  • Contact

    International degree seeking students

    Charles Berger

    Office : +33 (0) 1 40 53 99 99

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