With the digital and cultural revolutions that are transforming the world of work and changing students’ expectations, the ISC Paris Group is investing a great deal of energy in instructional innovation.

These changes require us to continually re-examine our methods of teaching and evaluating students, as well as the knowledge, skills, and interpersonal skills that our students need to succeed.
To this end, we’ve created a dedicated instructional innovation lab, and a team of highly committed research professors.

An entity focused on innovation

An entity focused on innovation

To respond to instructional challenges and to foster instructional innovation, ISC Paris opened a new lab in 2015. The Instructional Innovation Lab, directed by Karen Delchet-Cochet, brings together ISC Paris Grande École professors from diverse professional backgrounds, Student Enterprise representatives, and administrative staff.

The Lab’s goal is to:

    Share, develop, and implement innovative teaching methods,
    Conduct experimental projects,
    Oversee and contribute to working groups, such as the Conférence des Grandes Écoles (CGE)’s instructional innovation group.
    Promote best practices, specifically via the instructional innovation prize.

Committed research professors

The ISC Paris Group’s research professors are very innovative in their teaching methods. As a testament to their commitment to innovative teaching, they have participated in writing and coordinating two CGE white papers on this topic.

Real-world innovation

Instructional innovation translates into real-world achievements: support for students, new programs, and new curricula for ISC Paris Grande École.

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    International degree seeking students

    Charles Berger

    Office : +33 (0) 1 40 53 99 99

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