The ISC Paris Group is an independent French higher education group.
The group is managed by a Board of Directors, chaired by Jean-Paul Aimetti, and Jean-Christophe Hauguel is the group’s CEO. Mr. Hauguel is assisted by the group’s Executive Committee and Management Committee.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Governance is provided by our Board of Directors, chaired by Jean-Paul Aimetti, Professor Emeritus of Marketing at CNAM, President of the Académie des Sciences Commerciales, and honorary president of ADETEM, France’s national marketing association. The Board of Directors is responsible for approving ISC Paris’ strategic plan and budget.

Two external advisory committees work with Mr. Aimetti:

    The strategic orientation committee: chaired by Véronique Chanut, Professeur des Universités at the Panthéon-Assas Paris 2, chair of the CEFDG, the French commission for the evaluation of management training and degree programs (2013-2017). This committee’s members are academics: (Rémy Fevrier, Régis Dumoulin, Jean-Michel Raicovitch) and corporate representatives (Ingrid Crambes Tisserand, Valérie Dray, Patricia Gandit, Arnaud Valette, Myriam Vergne). It advises the ISC Paris Board of Directors and Executive Committee on strategic planning, recommends changes to the academic program, and observes trends in the employment market.
    The international advisory board, chaired by Grzegorz Mazurek, Associate Dean of International Relations, Kozminksi (Poland, AACSB, AMBA, EQUIS). This board’s members are academics from around the world (Frederic Adam - Ireland, Nabil El Khadi - UEA Dubaï, Faye McIntyre - USA, Bin Zhang - China) and corporate representatives with an international focus (Céline Bremaud - UAE/Africa, Karin Raguin - USA, Alban Villani - EMEA). It looks at the school’s international reputation and scope, and explores current challenges in teaching in a globalized world.
The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee, chaired by the CEO, is primarily responsible for implementing the group’s strategy. It is responsible for operational management, and supervises the implementation of the strategic plan and the development of new activities.

Its members are the CEO, the Deputy Director for Academics, Programs, Faculty, and Research, and the Deputy Director for Human Resources and Finance, and the Director of IT services. This committee meets as often as necessary, upon the request of the CEO.

Management Committee

Management Committee

The Management Committee meets approximately every two weeks, to monitor operational activities. This committee is focused on discussion and analysis. It fills an oversight and monitoring role, and ensures that all services are operating properly.

Its members are the CEO, the Deputy Directors, the Orléans campus Director, the Program Directors, the Director of Marketing and Communications, the Director of Corporate Relations, and the Director of Student Enterprises.

Programs Committee

Programs Committee

The programs committee oversees challenges related to managing and developing ISC Paris’ portfolio of programs. It oversees the program revision committee, implements the quality assurance process, and promotes innovative instructional methods. It ensures that standards for instructional quality and national and international accreditations are followed, and it issues decisions on instructional issues that may come up during the year. It relies on a performance improvement committee including alumni and human resources professionals who inform the committee on the skills that are expected in the professional world, to foster creation and/or redesign of course programs.

Department of Faculty and Research

The Department of Faculty and Research oversees the ISC Paris faculty‘s development in three main areas: teaching, research, and service to the institution.

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    International degree seeking students

    Charles Berger

    Office : +33 (0) 1 40 53 99 99

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    Fernanda Arreola
    Dean of the Faculty and Research

    (+33) (0)6 46 45 86 51 |

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