The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate degree in higher education. Based on the Anglo-Saxon education system and internationally oriented, the program features four years of studies after high school.

Internationalization and entrepreneurship are two of the most important aspects of this program. The courses are 100% in English which encourages the inclusion of diverse nationalities and international faculty.

Students spend the first three years studying the fundamental principles of management and commerce, one year of expatriation and choose one specialization in the fourth and final year. At the end of the program, students will be ready for a career either in France or abroad.

Differences between a Bachelor program and a BBA program


Unlike the typical Bachelor program in France, a BBA student graduates with Bac + 4 and is just one year away from a Master’s degree. Similar to the American and Asian systems, this degree gives international recognition whether it is to enter the workforce or continue studies. The two international accreditations of ISC Paris (AACSB and BGA) also enhance international recognition.

The four-year program also enables longer internships and international experiences.

With its focus on entrepreneurship and specialization options linked to the competencies that employers require, the BBA is a strong choice for employability and internationalization.

Strengths of the BBA by ISC Paris Global Programs

    Innovative and career-focused instruction: action learning/learning by doing through business games, flipped classrooms, group projects, student enterprises, etc.
    Two international accreditations: BGA and AACSB
    An international network of 43 partner universities in more than 19 countries
    Program taught completely in English
    A unique system of student associations: 10 student enterprises with more than 100 projects per year

Our Programs

First and second year: fundamentals and intermediate-level knowledge

During the first two years of the BBA, students develop an overview of the various key departments in a company: management, communication, marketing, sales, and finance.

Third year: international immersion

The third year of the program involves an international exchange to one of our partner universities (130 universities in more than 43 countries).

This unique experience allows students to boost the international component of their careers.

Fourth year: Specializing; career planning

During their fourth year, students will specialize in one of the two possible sectors and will have the option to do work-study.

ISC Group offers two specializations for the BBA, with the possibility of internship or apprenticeship.

– I – Specialization in Sustainability & Innovation Management with a focus on corporate social responsibility;

– II – Specialization in Digital Operations Management with a focus on e-Business.


Admissions requirements

For year 1 of the BBA:

– Must hold a secondary school diploma and be fluent in English

For year 2 of the BBA:

– Must have one year of university study and be fluent in English; no work experience required

For year 4 of the BBA:

– Must have three years of university study and be fluent in English; no work experience required

Tuition and fees

  • 1st year
  • 9,950 euros
  • 2nd year
  • 9,950 euros
  • 3rd year
  • 9,950 euros
  • 4th year, traditional format
  • 9,950 euros
  • 4th year, work/study format
  • Paid by corporate work placement

  • Contact BBA 1st year

    Laura Valandro
    International Business Development

    Office : +33 (0) 1 40 53 79 23

  • Contact BBA 4th year

    Kevin Galvani
    Business Development Manager

    Office : +33 (0) 1 40 53 79 05

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