ISC Paris Global Programs offers businesses a wide range of customized trainings, degree programs, jointly-accredited certificates, and university-level courses offered by expert consultants who are keenly aware of how businesses operate.

Diploma programs: high school + five years (bac+5) and more

Our diploma programs requiring at least five years of study after high school are prestigious programs offered to experienced professionals who want to enhance the international component of their careers, and take on significant management responsibilities.

The Master In Management offered by ISC Paris Grande École is accredited as a “Bac+5” (high school + five years) Master-level program, and accredited by AACSB, AMBA, and EPAS. It is offered as a continuing education program.

Advanced entry based on experience: an option in our Bac+5 programs

Advanced entry based on experience (VAE in the French system) allows you to accelerate your work in our programs, based on your professional experience. You can earn a degree that relates to your professional responsibilities by taking the degree program in a continuing education mode.
We offer the ISC Paris Master in Management and the MSc international Business Manager programs using this model.

A high-level strategic management program: the MBA in International Business accredited by AACSB and AMBA.

A research-based professional training program: our AACSB-accredited DBA program.

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Customized trainings

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