The Master of Science (MSc) program allows you to develop a dual skill set in management and project management, with the option of a sector-specific specialization in a multicultural atmosphere filled with international students.

Intake: september 2021

Strengths of the MSc by ISC Paris Global Programs

    Programs are high school + five years (Bac+5 in the French system), with a work/study option.
    Offered at our Paris and Orléans campuses; international students study at our Paris campus.
    Support from our Career Center to help you plan your career path and succeed in the business world.
    Courses offered by a top-notch team of research professors and experts from the business world. Our professors and instructors are active researchers and/or consultants; they are experts in teaching business and management theory and practice to help students develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in a variety of business sectors.
Ambitious instructional objectives

Ambitious instructional objectives

Our professors will challenge you, helping you learn to:

    Manage a team,
    Manage human resources across cultures,
    Master international project management (planning, implementation, and monitoring),
    Understand international business techniques (sales, marketing, logistics, etc.),
    Take into account geopolitical challenges and business practices in your target country or culture,
    Direct the financial management of projects (management controls, financial analysis, and audit.

Two admissions options

We offer two admissions options, depending on your background:

– If you already hold the equivalent of a management-related “Bac+3” in the French system, or the international equivalent, you will enter in the first year of the program–MSc1–and you will then continue on to MSc2.

– If you have the equivalent of a “Bac+4” in the French system, you will enter in the second year of the program.


1/ MSc year one

MSc 1 earns 60 ECTS credits. It is intended for students who have a Bac+3 university degree in any subject area. This year focuses on developing basic management skills in an international environment. You’ll learn how to understand and resolve complex problems. This year focuses on classroom learning, personal growth, and–especially-career planning.

A corporate work experience will help you to solidify your career plans.
MSc1 continues with a full range of professionally-oriented specializations in MSc2.
You will learn analytical and technical skills. This allows you to focus on an area of specialization offered in the program.
The goal of this track is to improve your management skills through business experience and a final thesis.

2/ MSc year two

The MSc second-year program earns 90 ECTS credits. You will deepen your knowledge of the fundamentals of management, and target a sector-specific specialization.
You will develop more advanced technical and analytic skills, and choose one of the program’s specializations. The goal of this track is to improve your management skills through business experience and a final thesis.

This track can be taken either in English and French, or entirely in English.

Two tracks and nine specializations

Two tracks and nine specializations

ISC offers two MSc tracks with specialization options:
– I- All-English program: International Business Manager, MSc/Master of Science accredited by the French Conférence des Grandes Écoles.
– II- Combined French/English program: International Project Manager (accredited at level 7 by the RNCP- equivalent of a “bac+5” in the French system).

I – International Business Manager

The Bac+5 MSc International Business Manager program allows you to develop a dual skill set in international project management and a specialized area: marketing (1), finance (2), and logistics management (3).

Taught entirely in English on our Paris campus, this program allows you to design and manage international projects in a variety of economic sectors:

You have a choice of three options:

1/ MARKETING option
2/ FINANCE option

II- International project manager

The MSc International Project Manager (Bac+5 in the French system) allows you to develop a broad skill set in project management, and to manage relationships with business partners by learning about the value creation tools that are available to you.

This program is taught in French (80%) and English (20%), and can be taken on either our Paris or Orléans campus. You will learn how to create a sales and marketing strategy tailored to modern client behavior and market changes.

Preparatory training for the Level 7 certified title designed and developed by APTIM, Manager de projets nationaux et internationaux des organisations.

You have a choice of six options:


Pre-requisites and admissions requirements


Hold a three or four-year university degree. Work experience is not required.

Admissions procedure : intake january 2021

Three-step admissions process:

1/ Online application: complete your application on our online portal.
2/ Applications are then reviewed by the ISC Paris Global Programs admissions committee
3/ Personal interview (30-40 minutes) for selected applicants.

This interview is conducted in-person or over Skype by the program coordinators. It allows us to assess your personality, motivation, potential, and skill level. One third of the interview is conducted in English.

Criteria evaluated during the personal interview: open-mindedness, international outlook, good judgment, general knowledge, career planning, work ethic, perseverance, proactivity, agility, initiative, ability to work as part of a team, personality characteristics, analytic ability, public speaking skills, organization and attention to detail, respect for others, career outlook and relevance to the program, maturity, and how these relate to the program to which the student is applying.

Application fee

The application fee is 45 euros.

Tuition and fees for 2020/2021

MSc 1/MSc 2

  • Students who hold European Union citizenship
  • 19,980 euros
  • Students who do not hold European Union citizenship
  • 22,480 euros

MSc 2

  • Students who hold European Union citizenship
  • 12,500 euros
  • Students who do not hold European Union citizenship
  • 15,000 euros

For questions about paying for your education, please see the information available on the Tuition tab.

  • Contact

    International degree seeking students

    Charles Berger

    Office : +33 (0) 1 40 53 99 99

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