The Master of Science (MSc) in Cybersecurity and Data Management allows you to develop a dual skill set in management specifically for the cybersecurity sector. You will develop complex problem-solving skills and critical thinking methods to work in the information systems sector.

Applicants to this program do not need previous work experience, but must have the equivalent of a French “bac+3” degree to begin the program with a year devoted to the basics of management, or a French “bac+4” degree to begin in the specialization year. Please note that MSC program is 80% taught in french  and 20% taught in english. Therefore applicants must be fluent in french.

Program goals

Program goals

    Develop a dual skill set in management and a specialization,
    Audit a workplace for security issues and make resiliency recommendations,
    Develop a strategic vision and participate in information systems security policy planning,
    Support changes using social engineering techniques
Career paths after this program

Career paths after this program

    Project management director
    Cybersecurity auditor
    Data Protection Officer (DPO)
    IT security coordinator


MSc 1 (one academic year, for students who have the equivalent of a bac+3 in the French system)

MSc 2 (one academic year, as a continuation from MSc 1 or for students who have the equivalent of a bac+4 in the French system)
The MSc 2 year earns 90 ECTS credits and focuses on more advanced management skills and developing technical skills in IT security.

Management and Globalization

    Ethics and CSR
    Intercultural management

Finance and law

    Management controls
    Corporate performance
    Corporate law
    Financial accounting

Strategy and operations

    Leadership and project management
    Supply chain
    Information systems and digital marketing
    Research methods

Cybersecurity and Data Management

    Web development and security holes
    Agile Scrum method
    Technology and new concepts
    Hacking and cybersecurity
    Audit and information systems
    Data laws and data protection
    Digital transformation
    Influence Marketing
    Cognition and datamining

Professional experience in the desired field, and writing an MSc thesis.

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